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DEEP WELL HAND PUMP For EMERGENCY, Deep Well Hand Pump, 5,000 KITS SOLD 125' Lift

DEEP WELL HAND PUMP For EMERGENCY, Deep Well Hand Pump, 5,000 KITS SOLD 125' Lift
DEEP WELL HAND PUMP For EMERGENCY, Deep Well Hand Pump, 5,000 KITS SOLD 125' Lift
DEEP WELL HAND PUMP For EMERGENCY, Deep Well Hand Pump, 5,000 KITS SOLD 125' Lift
DEEP WELL HAND PUMP For EMERGENCY, Deep Well Hand Pump, 5,000 KITS SOLD 125' Lift

DEEP WELL HAND PUMP For EMERGENCY, Deep Well Hand Pump, 5,000 KITS SOLD 125' Lift    DEEP WELL HAND PUMP For EMERGENCY, Deep Well Hand Pump, 5,000 KITS SOLD 125' Lift
Manual Deep Water Pump, Water Well Hand Pump For Water Well? Water Hand Well Pump For EMERGENCY Water Well Hand Pump For SURVIVAL. EZ Emergency Well Hand Pump. Good Things Aren't Cheap &.

Cheap Things Aren't Good.. "CHEAP" MAY NOT WORK WHEN YOU NEED IT. After All , We're Talking About Something More Important Than Food... WITH AN EZ WELL HAND PUMP. SEE OUR PUMP IN ACTION.

Simply close the YouTube tab at the top of your page. RECESSION IN A FEW MONTHS. If You Need A Kit ASAP. Order While Our Limited Kits Last.

See Customer Reviews & FAQ Below. Static Water Level From Down To 125. Emergency Well Hand Pump Kits.

The Original EZ Survival Well Pump. Made In Texas Since 2006.

Rated #1 Most Popular & Affordable. Featured On The 2012 Hit TV Series.


Produces 20% Of Worlds Wheat No Longer Exporting To Other Countries. Produces 10% Of Worlds Wheat Has. This Year Due To War. Wheat, Corn & Vegetable Crops. Have A Kit Stored & Ready To Install. Our "Quick Install" Takes About An Hour. Read Everything Before You Order. This Will Answer All Your Questions. Our Hand Pump Kits Are For. Available Only In The Lower 48 States.

Order Your EZ Well Hand Pump Kit At An Affordable Cost. We Developed A Different Kind Of Well Hand Pump.

Uses Only 1 Pipe In Your Well. Well Hand Pump Is The. Our Smaller 1" Ultra Slim Hand Pump Fits Easily Into 99% Of Wells, (2", 4", & 6") Including Cisterns & Hand Dug Wells, Without Getting Hung Up On Your Existing Pipe Or Wiring During Installation.

I Designed An " Easier To Install " Smaller Profile Hand Pump. Pumps 3 to 5 Gallons Per Minute... Compared To Only 1 GPM. New Soft Plastic Flexible Coil Hose Pumps advertised on the market. What I call (Squirt Pumps).

PLUS, Our Hand Pump Won't Degrade or Crack In A Few Years. A Heavy 1-1/4 150 ft. Pump Weighs Over 100 lbs, Compared To Our 1 Ultra Slim Well Hand Pump Weighing Only 35 lbs.

See Weight Comparison Photos Below. Detachable Security Pump Handle Design.

1 Person Installation In Most Cases. Compared To 3 To 4 People Needed With The Heavier 1-1/4 Hand Pumps On The Market.

Hand Pump If You Relocate. Totally Maintenance Free : No Leather Or Rubber Seals To Ever Change.

EZ Well Hand Pumps Are Tough & Dependable. Our Well Pump Will Last A Lifetime Your Grandkids Might Be Using This Well Hand Pump. What If I Don't Want To Install Right Away? In fact, a vast majority of our customers (Over 75%) don't install their EZ well hand pump right away and simply store everything for an emergency. In these troubling times it's better to have a kit on hand than not. Can The EZ Hand Pump Be Connected To My Existing Pressure Tank?

See Our FAQ Page For This. And detailed description of what to do from start to finish. NOTE : If Your Well Static Water Level In Your Well Pipe Is 125' Deep Or Less , My Powerful Well Hand Pump System Is The Perfect Affordable Solution. Total Well Depth Is NOT Important. Thanks' John For A Great And Affordable Well Hand Pump Kit.

For Security Pump Concealment From Prying Eyes. Your Security Well Pump Handle Is Included. Is a pour hole for bleach.

The hand pump pipe is on the right without handle. Ou will need only 1 5/8 clearance from ground level down to water.

And it uses only 1" pipe that goes into your well, with a 1/2" Pumping pipe. It's a pipe within a pipe system. Is approximately 3' long and.

As a stand alone hand pump. The E-Z Pump System will pump around 3 to 5 gallons per minute at a moderate pumping rate. This will depend on your pumping speed.

The Piston Is The Most IMPORTANT Part Of Any Hand Pump. Ours has state of the art design with. No leather OR rubber seals to wear out or rot.

In just a few years. Our Pump Piston gives you a lifetime of reliable and. And forget about it until you need it...

Even 20 years from now. Our Check Valve Is Custom Made. It Is Designed For Maximum Flow Up To The Pump Handle Outlet, Which Means MUCH EASIER Pumping And More Water Per Stroke. Plus It's Totally Maintenance Free! With a solid brass poppet and heavy duty neoprene'O' ring as the seal and a stainless steel strainer.

I want to thank you for the p. Of mind I have, knowing in a power failure I can pump water. Our Fully Assembled High Pressure Pump Piston, All The Fittings For Your Hand Pump And The Detachable Security Pump Handle And Fittings. You'll Get Detailed Instructions & Excellent Customer Service 6 Days A Week.

Your PVC Pipe From Home Depot Or Lowes For Just Pennies A Foot. PLUS, You Save On Our Shop Labor Costs. This Is Time Consuming With Extra Labor Involved. No Need To Pay Extra.

Savings Are In Addition To Our Already Low Prices. A Quick Trip To Lowes Or Home. Important: Our Custom Check Valve Produces 3 to 4 Times More Water Than Most Other Emergency Hand Pumps On The Market. Simply Watch And Compare Our Competitors Demonstration Videos And You'll See The Huge Difference In Water Flow.. What I call (Squirt Pumps) barely put out any water at all..

ONLY 1 Gallon Per Minute Compared To Our 3 To 5 GPM. They are adequate for drinking water ONLY , but that wouldn't be enough water for your family in a long term emergency power outage. I Know From Personal Experience - You'll Need More Water Than That Everyday.

You'll Need More Water Than You Realize. In a long term Power Outage , (like my family went through with no power for 6 weeks after Hurricane Rita hit the Texas Gulf Coast in 2005) believe me, you'll need more than a few gallons of daily drinking water.. You'll need to cook, wash dishes, wash clothes, bathe the kids, water the garden etc... In Addition To Drinking Water.

You Need A Hand Pump That Can Do The Job.. Thanks for a wonderful product. I have your older system that's been installed for 3 years now.

I can go to it anytime and after 5 strokes I have water. Our New Smaller Diameter Hand Pump Kits Require Smaller Outer Casing Pipe That Will Cost You Less Than The Heavier 1 1/4 Schedule 40 PVC Pipe Commonly Used With Other Hand Pump Kits On The Market. This Makes A Huge Difference In. Your Total Hand Pump Cost. The Smaller 1 Pipe Below Is Much Lighter, Easier To Install...

"Smaller Lighter And Easier To Install". Other Hand Pump Kits Larger Heavier Pipe On Right. I t's light as a feather. Our 150' Hand Pump Weighs.

Compared To Over 100 lbs. Hand Pump Kits On The Market. Here Are The Only Tools You'll Need - THAT'S IT! My E-Z Water Hand Well Pump. This is my E-Z Water Deep Well Hand Pump that I designed and built after Hurricane Rita in 2006 and it's still going.

Our Hand Well Pump Piston Is Totally MAINTENANCE FREE - NO Leather Or Rubber Piston Cup Seals To Wear Out. I'll guide you from start to finish in the assembly and installation of your new E-Z system. We're Here 6 Days A Week. Like many companies, we're experiencing supply shortages.

We're out of our blue pipe as seen in the photos and we'll be substituting the blue pipe with high gloss white pipe... NOT TO WORRY, it's the same high quality pump, just a different color. Out of the many hundreds that were installed across the U.

Over 75% of our customers simply store their kit until needed. We LOVE our new EZ pump here in Vermont! Thanks to your terrific instructions, the installation was a snap. You'll notice in the photos that I added a brass garden hose fitting to the handle - which enables us to use a marine water hose to fill either our pressure tank, buckets, or other vessels. I also added a brass hose fitting to the well cap - which enables me to shock the well without needing to remove the well cap.

My buddy Jeff down the road liked the setup so much that he ordered one too! We now have great peace of mind that in a power outage or other disaster, we'll be assured of clean, fresh water in all circumstances. Thanks, John, for a great idea and a wonderful product! Ust finished installing my water pump.

I went 60 feet down and had installed in about an hour. I was truly amazed at how easy it is to pump water, I can pump water with one hand. My wife is getting tired of me showing it off to all our friends. The water is real crystal clear.

I'm about 75 to 80 feet down with the hand pump about 25 to 30 feet in the water with a 4 inch well. Thanks for such a great product! Here are a few picture. Of the EZ Well Water Pump I installed today. It took a friend and I about 60 minutes to install it and start pumping water.

I feel a lot safer now in power failures and other natural or man made problems that would cause me not to be able to get water from my well. I have a 250ft well. It has water up to about 40 ft below ground level. That is a lot of water but no good to you if you can't get it out.

Thanks to EZ Well Pump I don't have to worry about water in a emergency anymore!! Thanks John for a great.

Affordable well water pump kit. Easy Water Well Hand Pump for letting us become self sufficient. In just a few hours my Wife and I installed it ourselves, with the simple online instructions, saving hundreds of dollars compared to other hand pump systems and having to pay a professional to install it. Water is the magic liquid that allows all things to live. Especially out here in the Arizona desert. If the grid goes down out here for any length of time......... The outcome is grim for those who didn't prepare.

We can now relax knowing that. We will have all the water we need at our finger tips! Mine runs down 94 feet and my friend that has your newer pump runs 50 feet. Mr Tatman: Your pump got installed last Sat. And as the picture of my wife shows it working very nice.

It is an amazing feeling to know that we don't have to rely on electricity, or on the city's supply, or anyone else for our water. Plus, it's an awesome feeling to know that I did it myself.

I made the pump work. All you need is a well, and you can do the rest. If I can do it, anyone can do it!

Not much effort in pumping either. Thanks again, and nice job on the pump design. It does everything you said it would.

You go WAY above and beyond in the customer service department. You are a pleasure to do business with! John, Completed the installation yesterday and everything works as it should.

What a amazing backup system for us. We tried it out and it worked great! Well worth the investment and gives us much security that we will have water when we need it.... Thanks for all your assistance, Hank. How Deep Will The EZ Well Hand Pump Work? Well depth is not important. It's the static water level in your well pipe that is important (from ground level down to water). My system is recommended to 135' static water level or less. The piston itself needs to be about 20' to 25' below the water depth (Static Water Level) in your well pipe.

Example: my well is 350' deep but my water level is only 37' from the surface. Will The EZ Hand Pump Fit In My Well?

Let's put it this way, if my Skinny Pump won't fit, no hand pump will fit. It's the smallest on the market with only 1 5/8" in diameter at the widest point at the couplers and uses only 1" pipe (1 3/8 OD) that goes down in your well. I designed it to fit into 99% of wells. What if I don't install my pump right away, what is the shelf life?

The shelf life is indefinite. Since we don't use rubber or leather seals, there's nothing to wear out or degrade. Our pistons are constructed with Nylon, Teflon and of course PVC pipe casing. It will last a lifetime with no maintenance whatsoever.

In fact, over 75% of our customers simply store their kits until needed. I have a different opinion on this. Let's face it, every time you turn on a faucet, you lose pressure. You'll be pumping several times a day to maintain it. With a 30 to 50 gal gravity tank.

Fill it up every few days and forget it. We went without power for 6 weeks after Hurricane Rita in 2005 and again for 3 weeks after Hurricane Harvey near Beaumont TX. I had more important things to do than trying to keep the pressure up in a water tank. Gravity is the best way to go. Do I Have To Remove My Submersible Pump To Install The EZ Hand Pump? No need to remove your pump. The EZ well pump actually fits beside your wiring and any piping in your well casing and above your submersible pump. Can I Install The EZ Hand Pump In A Well House? Yes indeed, I have detailed instructions for this type of installation. Can One Person Install The EZ Hand Pump?

This is one reason why I designed the Skinny Pump. Of course, in deeper wells you might want an extra pair of hands. How Long Does It Take To Install Your Hand Pump? On average, 1 hour with 2 people. What Makes The EZ Hand Pump Freeze Proof?

There is a 1/16 hole in the pumping pipe just below your freeze line to let the water drain... Can I Use Threaded Couplers And Just Screw The PVC Pipe Together? Good question, you can use threaded couplers, but I don't offer them because I don't trust them to stay secure. Example: we've tested them and they actually broke at the thinnest part of the threads with the up and down motion of the 1/2 pumping pipe.

Also threaded piping in motion tend to work loose. Use them at your own risk.

When PVC cement is applied to the pipe/couplers, it welds the two pieces together much like a metal weld and becomes one solid piece of PVC... Personally, I want a solid piece of PVC pipe from top to bottom on my pump... With no worry about breaking or coming apart when my family is depending on safe drinking water.

Does A Replacement Well Cap Come With The Kit? In most cases, a replacement well cap isn't needed.

I cover all this in detail in my instructions. Why Are You Kits So Inexpensive? Several reasons: We're factory direct to you the customer... We don't have dealers or 3rd party resellers to pay a commission.

This is why our hand pump kits are so popular. Over 5,000 families across the U. Have a secure and reliable water source in an emergency.

Why Is The Pipe Not Included With Your Kits? This kind of savings is certainly worth a quick trip to Lowes or Home Depot. Some companies offer a flexible coiled tube type hand pump. Comparisons: Coiled Flex tube pump = 1 Gallon Per Minute (with vigorous pumping).

Our pump = 3 to 5 Gallons per minute. Actually the flexible tube hand pump breaks down in a few short years (rubber based hose).

Compare an old set of tires. Our PVC pump won't break down with age or cold weather. Your grandkids will be using our pump. Why Don't You Offer Stainless Steel Kits?

Cost a nd it's unnecessary. PVC is just as durable and long lasting as stainless.

The pump section that is below ground is PVC, just like our EZ Well Hand Pump. Plus, our handle is detachable for security. People won't know that you have a hand pump. It doesn't make sense to us to charge that much more for a stainless steel handle.

Water Hand Well Pump For EMERGENCY Water Well Hand Pump For SURVIVAL, Emergency Hand Pump. Water Well Hand Pump For EMERGENCY.

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  1. Brand: Unbranded
  2. Power Type: Manual
  3. Type: deep well hand pump
  4. Housing Material: PVC
  5. Voltage: 0
  6. Maximum Flow Rate: 3 to 5 GPM
  7. Style: Deep Water Well Hand Pump
  8. Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  9. Pump Type: Well Hand Pump

DEEP WELL HAND PUMP For EMERGENCY, Deep Well Hand Pump, 5,000 KITS SOLD 125' Lift    DEEP WELL HAND PUMP For EMERGENCY, Deep Well Hand Pump, 5,000 KITS SOLD 125' Lift